Monday, February 1, 2010

The February Crazies

I can never work with the people I live with again. We spend entirely too much time with each other. It’s not healthy. We all yearn for intellectual conversation but can only seem to talk about school when we see each other. There is no break from work drama; we can never just leave school at school. Good grief, we even live in a school so it’s no real wonder. We work in a school, live in a school, and room with our colleagues that work in the school.

The days are getting lighter and not a moment too soon. I underestimated how the darkness would effect me. It sits on my shoulders and settles upon my soul so that I can’t even remember what light is like. I was sick a few days ago and I stayed home from work . . . only to find that the sun actually does make an appearance near the middle of the day. I bundled up in my parka and just stood outside with my eyes closed toward the sun. The world without the sun is a dark and lonely place, indeed.