Thursday, January 10, 2013

Our Semi-Annual Trip to the City

Right now, this is our life: we go Outside once a year, and we go to the City twice a year.

I was ready for our trip to the City (otherwise known as Anchorage) this year.  I needed a haircut, some clothes, a manicure, and we desperately needed food.  Even more than all that, I just needed to be back in a city where I could go out to a movie with my boyfriend on a date or not have to prepare my own food for once.

We went shopping.  A lot.  But we only get to go shopping twice a year, so don't judge.  :)

A REAL DATE NIGHT!!!  Dinner and a movie with my sweetheart in our new clothes and new phones and mani/pedi and new shoes and new haircuts . . . and I'm even wearing a city purse.  

Finally, I get to wear city shoes OUTSIDE!  (Nevermind that Aaron got tired of me walking so slow on the ice and made me change into more practical snowboots halfway through the night) lol

 Date night at the movies!

 Hey Dad, we found the recruiter in the Anchorage mall!  (Next duty station?? lol jokes)

 And of course, no trip out of the bush is complete without an Emergency Room visit.  Last time it was me . . . this time it was Aaron.  We literally left the restaurant mid-bite and drove straight to the ER.  He was not happy, but they fixed him up.

 After hours of waiting for help in the Native hospital, we were tired and hungry. And this was the last picture I took at the hospital before they tried to just give him immodium and send us on our way (I could have gotten that at Walmart and checked myself out . . . after four hours of waiting in a hospital, they'd better give us something better than that!)

Next up, our Christmas trip to Aaron's parents' home in Wainwright (AK)!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

That Time We Went to a Ski Resort and Didn't Ski

Greetings from the Far North!

I've been trying to fix the layout of this blog, but for some reason I am fighting the system.  It could have something to do with the slow slow slow internet.

Regardless, I should follow through with my promise to blog more often!

This Christmas was my first Christmas away from my parents.  Aaron and I decided to stay in Alaska this year for our break and save our trip Outside for the summer (during bug season).

First, we spent a week in the Anchorage area.  It was actually cheaper to stay at the Alyeska Ski Resort in Girdwood on Monday and Tuesday than in Anchorage, so we stayed there for two days.

*Finally, I'm 25 so I can rent an AWESOME car.  Someday, I want one of those to keep.

Aaron did the part of the dutiful boyfriend and scraped the windshield for us (while I made faces and took pictures from the inside).

Self-portrait (only because Aaron was busy scraping the windshield again).

Like a postcard!  Aaron had better scenery pictures but they were lost when his phone was restored.  :(

The saline pool at Alyeska Ski Resort!  It was beautiful, and we spent most of our time here under the wooden cathedral ceiling.  

Aaron had a good time swimming . . . I had a good time watching and relaxing in the GIANT hot tub.  

The entry/exit of Alyeska Ski Resort at Christmas time.  

It was so cold in Anchorage while we were there!  The North Slope was literally warmer than Anchorage, but we felt dumb for wearing our parkas in the city so we just shivered proudly and ran from place to place.  This is also probably the reason I have so many pictures of us by the fire.

Best shared desert ever!

We spent some time here, too.  The second floor lobby had floor to ceiling views of the slopes and an amazing fireplace with a festive moose head . . . because this is ALASKA, people.  Also, it was right by Starbucks.  This may have been the real reason why we spent time here. :)

Some of you may be wondering by now: Where are all the pictures of us skiing?  Well, we didn't ski.  We didn't even really want to.  We just stayed inside and cuddled like snow bunnies the whole time we were there.  

I wanted to ride the tram to the top of the mountain, but Aaron vetoed that idea.  As it turns out, he was right all along.  The tram crashed into one of the support poles a few days later.  A girl was hurt and it took hours to get all the people down the mountain by snow machine and chair lift.  

If you get the chance to buy a few nights at this resort during the off-season, do it (especially if you like to ski)!  It's beautiful!   Just a word to the wise though: bring food from Anchorage if it's off-season and in the beginning of the week.  There was not much open when we were there.  

Next up, the rest of our vacation in Anchorage!