Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Attack of the Teacher

Parent Teacher Conference days are so long and intense!  And for some reason we don’t get a day off like most L48 teachers do to make up for the over-contract time . . . let’s hope we at least get financially compensated.

There are occasional rewards to teaching in the bush, though.  On my street-lit  5-minute walk back home (take that, Gambell!), I spied three of my four girl students walking across the village square.  I quickly hid behind a snowbank and made a few snowballs.  When they got closer, I pelted them with snow and then tackled them.  One girl pretended to be dead, so we held a mini-funeral.  When she wouldn’t get up, I threw some snow down her coat.  We had a little snowball fight and then planned our sleepover party for next week. 

Down in the Lower 48, I would be concerned about a few lawsuits. 

Up here?  This is just life as a bush teacher.

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